We're working with a number of local businesses in Stratford-upon-Avon, helping them improve the visibility of, and increasing targeted traffic to, their websites.

We offer search engine-friendly website builds for small businesses, comprehensive SEO website audits for more established websites and even an in-house, one-to-one SEO training course.

We've also just put together a unique set off Affordable SEO Services and packages for small businesses. While for large businesses we offer more strategic SEO.

Do you want to know what the first question is we get asked every time we speak to a new client?

Why do i need SEO?

  • As a conservative estimate, Google deals with 63,000 searches every second, globally. (Source: Search Engine Land)
  • 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search, 10% from paid search, 5% for social and 34% from all other sources. (Brightedge)
  • The top 5 positions in Google get 70% of the clicks. (MOZ)

Sometimes people over look the fact that you're simply more likely to rank higher for any given keyword if you've done some basic SEO than not.

And ranking higher means more visitors to your website and potentially, more sales.

I run a business in Stratford-Upon-Avon, why is SEO relevant for MY business?

Vol = average monthly searches in Google UK for the given keyword search term

stratford upon avon101,000
leamington spa55,000


what to do in stratford upon avon1,000
where is stratford upon avon500
what to see in stratford upon avon200


cat cafe near me800
why does my cat stare at me500
shakespaw cat cafe200
cat cafe stratford upon avon70

It follows then, that even if you and your business do just some basic tasks, SEO will:

  • Give your business a better chance of succeeding versus your competitors.
  • Build brand awareness - if your website is ranking well for a popular industry-focused keyword it'll help spread the word about your business.
  • Ensure your website loads more quickly and is more likely to perform and rank well on all devices and browsers meaning your conversion rates will be higher than a non SEO-optimised website.

Ready to find out more?

Drop us a line or two today and let's discuss your needs.

I'm a web developer and looking to partner with an SEO expert...

If you're a web designer or web developer who wants to offer your client-base SEO services, please also do contact us as we're always looking to build strategic partnerships with like-minded, local digital experts.

How do search engines work?

For any business looking to build a search engine friendly website or improve their existing website it's important to understand the fundamentals of how search engines work.

In essence, search engines:

  • Use bots to crawl the internet via hyperlinks looking for content and code in the urls they find.
  • Categorise and store the information found by its bots in an index. Once your site is in the index your business or products can be found.
  • Give human beings (or users) the ability to search or query its index by using a form. And they also collect and remember all these searches.
  • Use complex algorithms based on many factors not least, hyperlinks, quality of content to try to satisfy user queries by ranking the content in its index order of relevancy.

Find out what is SEO?

Vol = average monthly searches in Google UK for the given keyword search term

anne hathaway's cottage 3,600
shakespeare's birthplace 3,400
anne hathaway (wife of shakespeare)900
second best bed 80
best bed shops stratford upon avon10


dirty duck1,500
white swan stratford700
the vintner 250
old thatch tavern200

Why should I use you for SEO?

We've got years of experience doing SEO in Warwickshire for a number of businesses. From tool hire to eco-friendly promotional seeds we love working for local businesses, big and small.

We've developed a range of unique, affordable SEO services and packages for all businesses and also a number of small business SEO services.

Indeed, if you're a small business and need a new website, or looking to upgrade your existing website, we also do search engine-friendly website builds.

If you're a more established player in your industry with a mature website we also offer:

And also a number of SEO-related services:

  • Crawling, indexing and page download speed optimisation.
  • Why is that page outranking ours? Competitor analysis.
  • Website and URL structure optimisation.
  • Domain migration and 301 page-to-page mapping.
  • In-depth industry keyword and topic analysis.
  • Meta descriptions that get click-throughs.
  • Keywords, pages, title tags and h1s optimisation.
  • Traffic building targeted website content.
  • PR, outreach and linkbuilding campaigns.
  • Backlinks risk assessment and clean-up.

And a number of other content-related services:


  • New website projects: integrating SEO, editorial styling and copy delivery.
  • Traffic building targeted website content and news articles.
  • Serious long-form, in-depth blog posts.
  • PR, outreach and linkbuilding content concepting and delivery
  • Meta descriptions that get click throughs.
  • Effective sales and marketing email copy.
  • PPC ad copy review.
  • PPC ad copy that actually gets clicks.
  • Product and creative video transcripts.
  • Impactful social media posts that get clicks.

We also love getting involved in strategic, content-led content marketing campaigns.

Why do you keep going on about content?

With SEO and content, more is more. More words on a page, or longer content, tends to rank higher in Google’s search results than shorter content. Now this might be a shock but:

  • The average web page that ranks on Google's first page of results contains 1,890 words. (Backlinko)

That's why we keep going on about content.